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Meet Wildwood

Crafting Your Legacy

Your handmade furniture is built to last for generations, with years of artistic experience behind each item. Every piece that leaves our workshop is designed with strength, durability, original style, and an artful presence.

Wildwood started out as one man’s passion for creating handmade furniture in his father’s barn. These days, we’ve got a team of highly skilled craftsmen who craft heirloom pieces with that same passion.


Our Philosophy


Wildwood Customs is all about integrity. Big box stores are filled with temporary pieces that are designed to fall apart. In a world where even your phone is only meant to last a year or so, we want to craft something permanent. Your Wildwood furniture is built with care and integrity.


When you take your Wildwood furniture home, you should be able to sense the craftsman’s dedication to your piece. We’re driven by quality. Because of this, our furniture doesn't have an expiration date, physically or stylistically. Your furniture will last lifetimes and quality is always in style.


We believe that to be alive is to create. We craft relationships, habits, products, and stories every day. Our furniture is all handmade by craftsmen with a deep understanding of their work, who believe that each creation has energy and a story.


Jacob began building furniture as a hobby, driven by his love for the craft and the joy of being able to give people something handmade. He strives to empower himself and his team to dream up whatever they want to create and always have an exciting outlook on the Wildwood team's future as a company and as artists.

He designs his pieces in a way that fulfills a purpose or aesthetic while maintaining a certain simplicity, oftentimes creating paradoxically complex mechanisms or techniques to achieve an effortless appearance. He and his team are always striving to create the best product and experience that they possibly can. The Wildwood team pours their souls into what they create so that people can appreciate their work.


Colby has always been interested in fabrication and has practiced his craft for years. Recently, he has focused on refining his welding and design abilities. He loves his dogs, family, and friends. He's all about coffee and the great outdoors, all things green, and world peace.

He's driven by a love of design and fabrication. He's constantly striving for perfection, and puts care and effort into every Wildwood product he creates. He promises each of his customers complete satisfaction. He knows that if he's not happy with the quality of a product, it is not worthy of shipping worldwide.



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